About Dr. Mary Louder

Mary Louder, DO is a double-boarded Osteopathic Physician (Integrative Medicine and Family Medicine) who practices medicine by supporting people on their own quest for health and wellness. "Any physician can find disease; healers find health and support the body's innate capacity for healing. Pursuing wellness restores health and vitality at all stages of life."

Mary was trained at Michigan State University and has been a practicing physician since 1993. Her focus now is on teaching, educating, and writing about healing and how the journey inward is the way forward. She believes that being first connected with ourselves and then with others brings the best joy and fulfillment in life. Additionally, she believes that we are emotional beings having a physical experience. Emotions are us, we are emotions, the physical body houses the emotions and then mirrors our feelings back to us by what we have come to know as symptoms and signs. Mary feels by identifying and understanding our emotions, our biology, and our backstory, we can learn how to connect and reconnect with ourselves and with others. We can be well and live well.

"When we are connected to ourselves, we can go anywhere"

Mary lives in West Michigan with her husband, Andy and their labradoodle, Lucy. She enjoys bike riding, fly fishing, being in nature ~ woods ~ water ~ wonder, cooking, reading and deep resting.


Cosmic Health and Wellness

(coming soon!)

Join Mary Louder, DO and her colleague Carol Ritberger, PhD on their podcast “Cosmic Health and Wellness”. Dr’s Louder and Ritberger have joined forces - cosmic forces that is - to discuss a variety of health topics from a unique perspective. These are trusted words that will blow your mind in a good way, restore your soul in an even better way, and make you laugh in the best way of all. Coming soon!


Since You Put It That Way

(coming soon!)

Join Dr. Mary Louder and her guests as they converse about health and medical care–which aren’t the same thing at all. We’ll explore various topics, issues, and concepts from fresh perspectives to bring "aha" moments to your life and lead you to consider, "Since you put it that way."

Working with Dr. Louder

You can choose to work with Mary Louder, DO in one of two ways: as a physician, or as a coach. As a physician, Dr. Louder offers a trusted second opinion while you maintain your current physician and other healthcare providers. As a coach, Mary offers education and guidance as you journey toward cultivating and restoring your well-being in mind, body, and soul.

While she does not participate in any insurance programs, an encounter form will be provided to you for your convenience upon request.

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